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Need a high speed home for your box? We can help!

We offer a full range of colocation services, providing anywhere between 64k and 100Mbit of bandwidth. All machines are housed in our climate-controlled facility in Charlestown, MA. Our network bandwidth comes from multiple providers and is diversely routed for redundancy.

Pricing for colocation bandwidth (95/5 measurement; annual commitment):

128k$100/month 512k$200/month
256k$150/month 1Mbit$275/month
   > 1Mbitcontact us

All our colocation services include:

  • 1 rack unit of space for your server (additional space available)
  • 24/7 monitoring of your server by our network management system
  • Connection to our network via 10/100Mbit switched Ethernet
  • Backup MX/Secondary DNS for your domains
  • No charge for verifiably-needed IP Space
  • Bandwidth monitoring via web page
  • No setup fee with 6 month or greater commitment
  • Free support via e-mail

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